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Semi In-Ground Pools in St. Louis

Radiant™ Metric Series Pools

Residential lots in St. Louis offer many landscape challenges when it comes to the addition of a swimming pool. Pool King Recreation has the solution to this challenge! With the superior wall construction of the Radiant™ Pool, there are options for all kinds of backyards. We offer our clients the incredible Metric Series Pool that can be installed in a wide variety of applications: above ground, in-ground, and semi in-ground, on a slope or into a hill. The Radiant™ Metric Series line of swimming pools fits any St. Louis backyard and can be completed for a fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool. Pool King takes pride in knowing we offer a line of swimming pools with the most versatility in the market!

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Radiant Pools™ has created their R-10 insulation technology which offers the most efficient heat resistance in a pool wall. This means their walls are perfect for withstanding St. Louis summers and temperature swings.

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Incredible Versatility, Incredible Insulation, Incredible Value

We are proud to offer Radiant's transferable Full Lifetime Warranty for our semi in-ground pools. With the drastic weather changes in St. Louis each year, other semi in-ground pools run the risk of severe damage to their walls and filtration systems. While the 2-inch thick wall helps to eliminate potential harm to your semi in-ground pool, the Full Lifetime Warranty will protect your pool in the event that damage should occur.

If you are interested in learning more about our semi in-ground pool line, contact us today or visit the location nearest you! Our capable sales team is ready to help you choose the best pool for your St. Louis home.

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  Pool Wall Height - 52” Pool Wall Height - 52” Pool Wall Height - 52” Pool Wall Height - 52”
16' - - -
18' - - -
21' - - -
24' - - -
27' - - -
30' - - -
33' - - -
  12'x20' -
  12'x24' -
  14'x24' - -
  16'x24' - -
  16'x26' - -
  16'x28' -
  16'x32' -
  18'x30' - -
  18'x34' - -
  20'x33' - -