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Above Ground Swimming Pools

Why Buy an Above Ground Pool in St. Louis?

Most installations can be completed in a day and your family can be swimming in just a few days. Property taxes are not usually affected because they are not permanent structures. Above ground pools are easy to maintain and do not require service companies to open your pool in the spring or winterize it in the fall. The pools we sell are strong and will provide your family with many years of enjoyment. We have several styles and sizes to fit your backyard and your budget. Come in and talk to one of our professionals!

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We sell Evolution Advantage Pools because they use Enhanced Structural Polymer (ESP) material. ESP Technology is the best because:

  • It's Stronger
  • It's Longer Lasting
  • Its Appearance Holds Up Better Over Time

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Round & Oval Pool Sizes

We have above ground pools in round and oval sizes. Whether you have a St. Louis City backyard that will only fit a 15 foot diameter pool, or a large lot that is begging for the biggest oval swimming pool you can get, we can accommodate you!

  Wall: 52" Wall: 52" Wall: 52" Wall: 54" Wall: 54"
15' -  - -  -
21'  -
30' - -
33' - - -
  12'x24' - -  -
  15'x30' -  -
  18'x33' -  -